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"Lights, Camera, Smashing"
—In-Game Description

BET's 106 & Park is a venue that is featured in Def Jam Icon.


If only all TV were this good! Watch out for the boom camera near the center of the stage, or it'll smack you upside your dome. The stage pyrotechnics on the right side are still active and trigger every time the beat drops. Watch out for a malfunctioning light rig on the left side near the couches. Is that it? Oh yeah, smash though the TV display in the middle of the set and create a massive lightning rod that gets charged on the beats of the music. Lights, camera, action!

Events in Def Jam Icon[]

This stage is used in various fights throughout "Build A Label" mode, such as a fight with the stalking fan Stan and against an artist from a rival label.


Hazard Damage
Camera Boom 5.0
Stage Pyrotechnics 5.0
Swinging Light Rig 8.0
Broken TV Display 12.0



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