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"Dark subway platform and one-time site of an infamous streetfight"
—In-Game Description

125TH Street Station is a venue that is featured in Def Jam Fight For NY and Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover.


The subway is an excellent spot for epic fights; there are so many obstacles to use to your advantage. The 125TH Street Station is no exception. Here you find numerous items to help you knock some sense into your opponents. Obstacles to use in your environmental attacks include the tiled walls, iron pillars, iron walkway railing, subway track and walls, garbage can, newspaper box, wall posters, and, of course, the soda machine. Use all these obstacles to a devastating advantage. There is no crowd to hamper your progress or help you out: It's just you and him.

Events In Def Jam Fight for NY[]

While celebrating Hero's victory over Crack, Hero, Blaze, and D-Mob are under attack by three of Crow's men. The three are Trejo, Sticky and Magic. Two of them manages to escape, while Trejo planned to finish off Hero, but runs out of ammo. It's suggested that Trejo was killed by the Subway Train cueing Hero's exit. This area is also used in free for all bonus fights, after the game is completed.


First Visit[]

  • Trejo (Boss Fight)

Second Visit (Bonus Fights)[]

Subway Survival (FFA Tournament)



  • If a fighter is KO'd on the subway tracks in a Free For All or Team Match, their body will disappear when the train passes by.
  • The Howie Scream can be heard briefly, after activating the environmental blazin' move just before the defeated fighter is run over by the subway train. This sound effect was also used in the game's campaign trailers.
  • 125TH Street Station is one four venues, where you can active an enviromental blazin' move. The other are Crow's Office, Red Hook Tire Co. and The Barge.
  • 125TH Street Station, Hunt's Point Scrapyard and The BET's 106 & Park studio are the only stages in the series that are based on real life places.
  • If both fighters are hit by the train the match will result in a Double KO.
  • 125TH Street Station is one of five venues in Fight For NY that does not feature an announcer. The others are Crow's Office, Hunt's Point Scrapyard (Afterhours), Red Hook Tire Co., and Stapleton Athletics.
  • 125TH Street Station Is one of the three venues that have the ability to be able to hear the venue stage Blazin' via pausing during move in a Blazin'. The others are Crow's Office and Red Hook Tire Co..
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